Sarah Ranner - Artist & Owner

Sarah is the artist behind The Postmodern Pet. Sarah has been painting bespoke animal portraits in the Sydney area for over 20 years. Utilising oil paints on stretched canvas, Sarah's hand painted artistic style is somewhere between pop-art and impressionism.  Figures are shown in a realistic form, with exaggerated colours that provide a happy and bright visual effect.

Charlie Ranner - Head of Manufacturing

Charlie is a seven year old Ginger and White Cat (a.k.a. an Alley Cat). Charlie is in charge of everything that takes place in the art studio here at The Postmodern Pet. He decides which materials are available to use (by sitting on any paint brushes or colours that he thinks Sarah is trying to use in error), decides when Sarah can take breaks (by demanding scratches) and sometimes just sits on Sarah's lap to weight her down and make sure she gets the job done.

Ziggy Ranner - Head of Distribution

Ziggy is a two year old Miniature Pinscher (a.k.a. Min Pin). Ziggy isn't even slightly interested in the manufacturing process - he wants to go to the park and meet potential customers! Ziggy makes sure Sarah doesn't sit all day (which she is very grateful for) and can be seen in most time-lapse video's crawling all over the peripheral - waiting for his chance.


Dusty Ranner - Head of Nap Times

Dusty is a baby Chihuahua who joined the family in 2020. Dusty is obsessed with everyone and everything. She’s so excited about helping Sarah paint, Ziggy walk and Charlie inspect that she’s exhausted more often than not! Dusty makes sure everyone gets together and naps whenever possible.