Our Story

From a canceled wedding to a new business.

I know I wasn’t alone in having my whole world shaken up by the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2020 I was planning my wedding… but a month later I had joined the rest of Australia in lockdown.

My wedding was cancelled and I found myself at home on five weeks of leave for what should have been my honeymoon. Out of what was a gloomy situation, I had the spark of an idea. And that idea has blossomed into The Postmodern Pet.

Little signs in the darkness

In those early days of lockdown, I started to feel the effects of being in a constant state of stress. The media was flooded with daily messages of doom and gloom. I was physically separated from my loved ones and any interactions we did have always turned to tracking the daily statistics.

I knew something needed to change.

Then I started to notice positive stories mixed in with all the negativity. And the heroes of these stories were all animals. 

In the midst of global uncertainty there were dolphins swimming through the canals of Venice. As people were spending more time at home, rescue animals were being adopted in record numbers. Not to mention the dog who was so happy that his parents were home every day that he literally broke his tail from wagging it too much.

Inspired to paint

Animals have such capacity to bring us joy and I found myself feeling that and more from animals all over the world.

So I made a decision. I turned off the news and instead tuned into the positivity of animals to get me through. I combined this passion with my favourite artistic medium - painting.

While I didn’t realise it at the time, The Postmodern Pet was born the day I picked up my brush to paint my first custom pet portrait, “Alfie the Daschund”.

Initially my commissions came from my family and friends. I also couldn’t resist painting my two boys - “Charlie the Alley Cat” and “Ziggy the Min Pin”.

The future of The Postmodern Pet

What started as a way for me to cope with the intensity and uncertainty of the global pandemic has ignited a fire within me to spread positivity through bespoke artworks of people’s animals. 

Our pets are always happy to see us. Their love is unconditional and they leave such a mark on our lives. They are our companions and our entertainment, helping us when we are lonely and cheering us up when we are feeling down.

I love to capture those feelings and the personality of your pets in my paintings. 

This has been quite the surprising journey but I have channelled everything into refining my skills and my artistic style. 

If you want to commission a painting of your pet I would be delighted to create a custom pet portrait for you. Ordering is simple. Simply select your preferred size (small, medium or large), upload a photo of your pet and then complete your purchase. If you have any questions about the process, please refer to my FAQs.