Oil Paints

Custom pet portraits are a great way to celebrate your favourite furry family members. What better than to have a lasting memory of your pet to brighten up the walls of your home?

But, as with any custom artwork, choosing the artform and artist is the hardest part! While you can get custom pet portraits in a range of mediums - from watercolour to pastel, pencil drawings, acrylic and ink. Digital images are the most common, so I have compared these to my choice of medium, oil paintings, to help make the decision a little easier. 

Digital images of pets

If budget is your largest consideration when commissioning a painting of your pet, a digital image is likely the best choice for you. 

Digital images can be fun - and often funny, depending on the artist’s style. They can be printed onto canvas or paper to create a finish that ranges from a flat poster to a high-end lithograph.

However, there are a few reasons why you may want to consider a different artform over digital. The first being, you get what you pay for. Yes, a digital image can be very cost effective, but if you are looking for a piece of art that will stand the test of time, beware that digital images date quickly. As your home evolves, digital images can start to feel cheap and out of place.

Also, from an ethical point of view, often digital images are outsourced to economically disadvantaged countries where the workers are paid very little for their labour. In fact, a digital image can be created without an actual artist involved at all. All you need is the right software.

Oil paintings of pets

Oil is the medium I use at The Postmodern Pet to create my custom pet portraits. It wasn’t a choice I made at random. It was very deliberate for a number of reasons.

Oil, just like other hand painted mediums, is timeless. It will stand up just as well in your first apartment as it will in your retirement dream home. You can also easily update the frame to suit different styles and decor within your home.

Oil-based paints have a few features which make them particularly suited to creating unique paintings. Oil-based paints take days to dry, allowing the painting to be layered without worrying about one element drying too fast. As an artist I can create colours and shapes that speak to me, only leaving the image once it’s just right. I can also control how the colours mix and blend without them bleeding into one another.

If you look through some of my past oil paintings of pets, you will see that they have a unique thick, textured appearance. Oil-based paints lend themselves beautifully to creating intrigue with brushstrokes and layers of paint. 

At the end of the day, oil paintings of pets are more purely artistic. When I am painting, I am not aiming to perfectly replicate the photo of your pet that you provide me with. Instead I am reinterpreting the colours and shapes to evoke emotions that a photorealistic image simply can’t. 

Making the right choice for your custom pet portraits

No matter what you choose - digital, oil, or another medium altogether - it is a matter of personal preference. Picking the right artist is important because no matter which medium you choose, it will all come down to the artist as to whether it is done poorly or well. 

Oil paintings of pets are an investment piece that will bring a smile to your face both now and long after your pet is gone. 

You can order your custom pet portraits through my online store. Simply choose the size - small, medium or large - upload a photo of your pet and complete the purchase. I will be in touch to confirm the details before I start painting.