Pet Portraits

Animal Portraits by Sarah Ranner

There’s a lot that goes into creating stunning animal portraits that capture the personality and spirit of your pets. 

Each custom pet portrait takes roughly one week to create. It’s not an exact science because they are all completely unique. But more than time, I pour so much passion and thought into every portrait I paint. 

Here’s a little insight into the materials, style and inspiration I use to paint your pet portraits.

My materials

I use stretch canvas for my animal portraits. Unlike paper, loose canvas, cardboard, wood etc, stretched canvas can be hung on a wall without a frame and still hold its shape.

Stretched canvas is quite accessible without the need for further investment. 

I offer both framed and unframed canvas options. When you choose the framed option, I use a float frame. By framing the pieces myself it reduces the cost by between 100-500% over using a professional framer.

I create oil paintings of pets, using oil-based paints for the texture and consistency they offer. I can layer the paint, creating interesting brushstrokes and really draw out the personality of your pet with the paint. 

I like to use synthetic paint brushes. For consistency I paint the entire piece using a single brush. This helps me to focus on the image rather than worrying about the brush. 

My style

The materials I use for my animal portraits are easy to explain… my style, not so much!

My style is influenced by impressionism, postmodernism and pop art. 

Impressionism is a style that aims to represent what the artist sees and feels. It’s basically like peeking into the mind of the artist. Impressionist paintings are completed quickly with a focus on light reflections and shadows.

Postmodernism questions the way things are done. I used postmodern in the name of my business for that reason. The animals themselves, and the photos the owners give me to base my artwork from, are both art. I am taking that piece of art and reimagining it. 

Finally, pop art is also a big influence. I like bright or bold colours that make loud statements that draw the eye, which is very much a feature of the pop art movement.

My inspiration

When I look at an animal, I don’t just see the greys, beiges, whites and blacks that other people see. When I painted Spenser the Chihuahua, I prepared for purples and blues instead of just the colours you can see.

If you were to examine the photo of Spenser on the computer, pixel by pixel, you would see that the purple is there. I can see that and when I paint it, others can see it too.

I want the animals to be the focus of the work so I don’t paint the setting around them. By using a single block colour it helps to make them stand out. Often the colour I use represents their energy or the emotions they evoke.

Tuning into the power and positivity of animals was my inspiration for starting The Postmodern Pet… and it remains central to the animal portraits I create for you. I don’t waste time with inanimate objects in my paintings but rather focus on the beautiful creatures you love so much.

Capture your pet with a custom animal portrait

Ordering your own custom pet portrait is simple. First choose your size - small, medium or large - and then upload a photo of your pet while completing the checkout process. I will be in touch to confirm the details but if you have any questions in the meantime, you can read my FAQs.